A Prominent Sport- Horse Racing in Australia

It is the third most popular spectator sport around australia next to Australian Rules football and Rugby. Horse Racing in Australia flourished since its first official race in 1842. Throughout the early years of British settlement, originally popularized by the British as the Sport of Kings, horse racing made its way in the UK to Australia. During the year 1788, the first horses found its way to the shores of Australia. Growing in numbers within the 19th Century, the first horses coming in Australia are consisting of a stallion, a colt, a filly and four manes. In the Australia culture, horse racing has become a huge part since then. To the Australian people, the sport has taken great recognition and a extremely important tradition for having been witnessed by the people for centuries. Today, the nation has the most racecourses in the world and second to have the most horses next to US. Throughout the year, the Australian Racing Board administers races. Melbourne autumn racing carnival, and spring racing carnival, Sydney autumn and spring carnival, Brisbane winter racing carnival, Adelaide autumn racing carnival, Perth summer racing carnival and Tasmanian summer racing carnival would be the major races in the country. Melbourne spring racing carnival showcasing the Melbourne cup is easily the most famous and biggest.

The most awaited event in horse racing every year is the Melbourne cup which started as domestic sport. Using the start of racing season every 1st of august and ends around the 30th of July, Horse racing in Australia comes about weekly. Metropolitan, provincial and country race clubs conducts race meetings. Every year, the race carnivals host not just domestic but also international famous races. Over the years, horse racing has continuously evolved and improved. One of the major improvements is the impressive race tracks catering to these prestigious horse racing events. Along with among the best race tracks, Australia can also be known for the best competitive jockeys in the world. Today, Australias beloved sport also distinguishes women jockeys and has recognized some of the best women jockeys worldwide.

Gambling is yet another important part of the race along with Racing Horse know as a prominent sport. The profit making system of betting is along with the excitement of the race. Many Australians earn a living out of love of the race, great knowledge and professional tips in betting on horse racing. Within the esteemed event yearly, huge amount of money are at stake. Australia is now recognized worldwide with its high quality horse racing reputation.



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